New report demonstrates business' positive impact on ecosystems

08 September 2012 | News story

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has launched a series of case studies from some of the world's biggest companies with a new report Biodiversity and ecosystem services: scaling up business solutions.

The report sends a strong message that companies are scaling up solutions to ecosystems challenges and demonstrating progress in achieving global biodiversity targets.

WBCSD Presdient Peter Bakker said: “Business is a major player in helping to minimize negative impacts on our ecosystems and this new publication gives real examples from our member companies, showing how it can be done. While there is no doubt that the challenges associated with ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss are huge and complex, our case studies show that business is starting to tackle them. We need to now focus on scaling them up and implementing them at speed.”

The examples include:

Hitachi, a leading global company specialised in social infrastructure innovation, has been piloting the WBCSD Corporate Ecosystem Valuation guide to value ecosystem services for their water treatment business in the Maldives, as well as their IT software that assists farmers make more sustainable decisions.

Syngenta, a leading international agriculture company, is developing and disseminating best management practices (BMPs) for land and water use that minimize soil erosion and sustain crop productivity. By protecting the valuable topsoil through BMPs, farmers can enjoy fertile soils that continue to be productive.