Ruling the Statutes

25 May 2012 | News story

A new discussion area is now open to allow online exchanges and debate on proposed changes to the way IUCN and the Congress are run.

IUCN is governed by its own Statutes and Rules of Procedure, which were first adopted in 1948 at the first meeting between the governments, public services, organizations, institutions and associations that together established the Union.

The IUCN Council has prepared 10 proposals for Congress to amend the IUCN Statutes and the Rules of Procedure of the World Conservation Congress. Such changes can only take place every four years during the World Conservation Congress, unless the IUCN Council identifies a need for exceptions.

IUCN Members have the exclusive right to take decisions on all proposals for statutory amendments at the Jeju Congress. However, members of the IUCN Commissions, as well as IUCN Members, now have the possibility to engage in discussions.

Given that some of the proposals involve Commission as well as Member matters, both are encouraged to participate in the online debate and share their comments and questions in the official IUCN language of their preference.

The IUCN Council prepared the proposals during the 2009-12 intersessional period and these were issued on 5 April 2012 together with the other Congress documents. The relevant papers are as follows:

  • WCC-2012-1.4: Amendments to the Rules of Procedure on Quorum Requirement, and
  • WCC-2012-9.4.1/1 to 9.4.1/9

Members of Council will monitor this space and may respond to the questions and comments posted here. The discussion area will be de-activated after the Opening of the Congress on 6 September 2012.

For any additional information, please contact: