Who gets your vote?

08 May 2012 | News story

Discover the 49 candidates for election to the IUCN Council 2013-16 on the Congress web pages.

IUCN boasts a unique structure that allows for a true democratic process in the way it is governed. Every four years, as part of the World Conservation Congress, IUCN Members are called on to elect the next Council.

This year in September, IUCN Members will vote at the upcoming Congress in Jeju to elect the President, the Treasurer, six Commission Chairs and three Councilors for each of the eight statutory regions of the Union. The names of running candidates for each position were announced in March 2012.

To enable Members to make an informed choice, the candidates’ pages are now available on the IUCN Congress website to present detailed information on each contender. There is a page for each candidate where you can view:

  • Personal messages from each candidate;
  • Additional background information;
  • The candidate’s photo.

Candidates are encouraged to interact with IUCN Members, who can leave comments and/or ask questions in the commenting spaces below each candidate’s personal message, in English, French or Spanish.

The IUCN Council is the principal governing body of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, in between sessions of the World Conservation Congress – the general assembly of the Union's Members. Subject to the authority of the World Conservation Congress, the Council is responsible for strategic direction of the Union, oversight and guidance on the performance of the components of the Union as a whole and the Secretariat in particular, and fiduciary responsibilities and accountability to the membership.