Juliane Zeidler, Germany

13 April 2012 | Article

As an IUCN Member you are passionate about nature conservation and the changes we need to see in this world. So am I. Since my childhood I have cared for nature. I have made it my job and passion. And now I also educate my daughter in that way. As an ecologist, I focus my work on strategic communications, change management and capacity building in Africa and beyond.

I work for conservation and development with local communities, technocrats, business, and high level decision makers, from my permanent home in Namibia. As a CEC member, I have always loved to dedicate my expertise and leadership qualities to achieve the mission of IUCN and CEC.

As Chair I will lead CEC to

  • Be a strategic partner in the entire IUCN family – Members, staff, other Commissions – to implement the new IUCN Programme;
  • Mobilize the relevant expertise around the world to add value to IUCN’s capacity development activities;
  • Set an example worldwide of using old and new media to deepen and upscale capacity development in a way that transcends the digital divide;
  • Make every CEC member count and create a truly global community of practice – with empowered contributions especially from the emerging economies and developing nations.

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