Nancy Colleton, USA

13 April 2012 | Article

Nancy Colleton has devoted her career to helping promote understanding of the changing planet. She brings to CEC extensive and successful experience in stakeholder engagement and creative approaches to education and outreach.

Her broad experience has included reaching out to and working with a global community of stakeholders from scientists, governments, industry, non-governmental organizations, and the media. In 2003, Ms. Colleton was part of the team that planned and convened the Earth Observations Summit, which brought together ministerial representatives from 34 countries and resulted in a multinational agreement to share Earth and environmental information.

Having a strong interest in students and educators, Colleton initiated a children’s art and the environment contest that has helped young children explore topics such as “Oceans from top to bottom”, “Trees: Making a World of Difference”, and “The Wonders of Weather.” Today, her Institute also offers a photography contest for middle school students and a research contest for high school students. The Institute also developed online geoscience education courses for teachers.

Ms. Colleton hopes that her experience and creativity will help lead CEC efforts to support the IUCN Mission, facilitate broad cooperation and partnerships, and support the creation of a global community that loves and values nature.

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