Ernesto Enkerlin Hoeflich, Mexico

16 April 2012 | Article

Dear Fellow Member of IUCN,
Your vote and our joint work building on WCPA-IUCN tradition could make 2012-2016 the most dynamic and fruitful period ever. No prescriptions; rather let’s plan our role and best paths to global protected areas and biodiversity conservation immediately following the elections.

Ten amongst many crucial reasons uniquely qualify me to your well reasoned choice for WCPA Chair:

  1. Passionate about supporting, mainstreaming and achieving the Global Protected Areas Programme, Aichi Targets and ONE-IUCN.
  2. Ample record of accomplishments in academia, government and civil society.
  3. Prepared, able and enthusiastic to devote full-time some of my best and most productive years.
  4. “Builder” of institutions still working for conservation.
  5. Modern, collaborative, multicultural and interdisciplinary approach.
  6. Ability to lead or follow; adapt, innovate or consolidate according to the mission’s needs.
  7. Thirty years working with indigenous, rural and fisherman communities in PAs and wilderness.
  8. Refreshing developing nation perspectives aided by a variety of experiences.
  9. Science and traditional knowledge as basis for conservation actions.
  10. Pragmatic yet principled approach empowering stakeholders in diverse governance models.

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Many thanks for your support!

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