Vilmos Kiszel, Hungary

11 July 2012 | Article

The global financial and environmental crisis calls for real changes in the Union. If IUCN wants to be again the leader in conservation that it once was, we need vision, good governance, and direct two-way communication and participation in the IUCN Programme with Members and Commissions. They are the basic human capital of the Union.

To make this capital work for conservation worldwide we need a Secretariat and a Council that leads those changes. The current Programme offers all the opportunities to do so. Now it is up to us to make it work. As a President I will provide the necessary leadership in the governance for this “new deal”.

My overriding objectives are to

  • help reposition IUCN for its role in the 21st century;
  • provide leadership to Council and the Union to make positive change happen;
  • reinforce IUCN’s unique identity and its global, national, regional presence;
  • stimulate a meaningful contribution of IUCN’s broadening membership and vast knowledge network to the IUCN Programme;
  • reinforce membership participation in decision-making;
  • promote enhanced services to the membership;
  • work in the IUCN tradition of partnerships, continuity and stability, respecting IUCN’s invaluable heritage, organisational strengths and achievements. 

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