Brahim Haddane, Morocco

16 April 2012 | Article

Director of the Botanical Gardens of Bouknadel Rabat-Salé in Morocco, Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection. and holder of a PhD in Veterinary Medicine, Brahim Haddane took postgraduate courses in nature conservation and tropical medicine in Antwerp (Belgium) and in London.

Dr Haddane is a senior executive who has worked for over 30 years in the Forestry Department in the field of nature conservation in general and wildlife conservation in particular. He is an expert in managing groups of animals both in captivity and in protected areas.

He is an active member of several national and regional environmental associations, which aim to conserve nature, raise the awareness of local populations to the sustainable use of natural resources, and to provide young people with environmental education.

He participates in scientific wildlife research programmes and field research. His areas of interest include nature conservation, the promotion of the green economy, recycling, voluntary carbon offsetting and the development of renewable energies.

Since he is very familiar with IUCN’s structures, Dr Haddane is ideally qualified for carrying out the task of Regional Councillor for a second term. Fluent in IUCN’s three official languages, as well as Arabic, he is ready to respond to the demands of his mission and serve the Members in his region. He is actively involved in IUCN’s Commissions, in particular the SSC, CEC and the WCPA.