Michael Hošek, Czech Republic

18 April 2012 | Article

I see IUCN as a strong organization that uses its excellent scientific background with no need to further strengthen expert activities. Based on my experience from the Czech Republic and all Europe, I currently consider communication as the most challenging point, both within the community of Members and with the public.

We may undoubtedly be proud of our professional results. However, we constantly underestimate communication and strategic planning based on participative management. A better balance is needed between our expertise, policy making, and promotion.

If elected, I intend:

  • to improve communication between the Members with an effort to use more efficiently our capacities within and for the IUCN;
  • to serve as a member of the Council, which is not just another scientific board, but which represents a real advisory and executive body helping the IUCN on its way towards sustainable future.

Michael Hošek, Deputy Director, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic

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Note that Michael Hošek will communicate in English.