Tamás Marghescu, Hungary

18 April 2012 | Article

”At home” means everywhere where life has taken me. I stand for election as Regional Councillor, because friends all over the world have encouraged me to do so. I know IUCN inside out, for I had the privilege to serve for 8 years as IUCN Regional Director for Pan Europe and represent the interests of all regions as a member of the IUCN Executive Management Group during 2 years.

I am moving on safe and familiar ground both at the parquet of politics and in the field, whether it is the alpine mountains of Europe, the jungle of Asia, or the bush in Australia and Africa. Others characterise me as reliable, transparent, creative and visionary.

I am committed to serve the IUCN family, to help the IUCN recapture its role as the global leader in nature conservation. We need innovative thinking to gain new, ever stronger momentum for conservation. I have and I will promote increased involvement of Members at all levels in the work of IUCN.

I would like to assist in the creative mobilisation of additional resources for the implementation of IUCN programmes and I support an increased share of resources in the Union for Commissions and Regions.

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Note that Tamás Marghescu will communicate in English, French or Spanish.