Miguel Pellerano, Argentina

24 April 2012 | Article

Almost four years ago now, in Barcelona, I introduced myself to the Members and asked them to elect me as a Regional Councillor for IUCN. They did so, and I am very grateful for their support. During the time that has elapsed since the last World Conservation Congress, I have had the honour of having the chance to work on many of the challenging issues and key areas of concern to IUCN; ranging from programmes to governance, from Members’ rights and conditions to a vision of the future of our institution.

As a Regional Councillor, I have broadened my experience, and have become increasingly aware of who we are, of our great potential, and which elements we need to strengthen and develop in order to achieve our goals and continue faithfully trying to achieve the Mission that guides our actions.

Today, once again, I would like to ask for your support, in order to have the opportunity to continue to serve IUCN and its Members, making the most of the experience and the new knowledge I have acquired, but with the same energy, dedication and commitment as ever. Thank you!