Scott Hajost, USA

18 April 2012 | Article

***Mr Scott Hajost has withdrawn his candidacy.***

Trained as an international lawyer, I have spent over 30 years working on the entire spectrum of terrestrial and marine international environment, conservation and development issues from multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary, government, NGO and multilateral perspectives. This experience includes a unique and valuable perspective on IUCN as a Member, a Commission member, a senior “regional” and global IUCN manager and as an IUCN US board member.

In order to accomplish its Mission, implement its Programme and fully deliver on the One Programme, including supporting Members and Commissions, IUCN needs to enhance its revenue generation and diversification.

With my international experience including at the intergovernmental level, I can also make a direct contribution in helping evaluate and promote IUCN’s UN engagement, including use of its UN Permanent Observer status and with other key relevant multilateral institutions.

It is time for IUCN to develop a real strategy on North America both in terms of its role in the region and the relation of the region to the rest of the world and within IUCN. On a related point, the insular Caribbean management experience also needs evaluating with a view to integrated approaches along side enhancing IUCN’s overall islands efforts.

Climate change presents a significant challenge but also an opportunity for IUCN. I have worked from the ground floor on climate change to the present day.

On all of these important issues for IUCN and many more including Polar affairs, I stand well versed, prepared and poised to support and assist IUCN through Council. 

***Mr Scott Hajost has withdrawn his candidacy.***