John Robinson, USA

18 April 2012 | Article

IUCN has a unique capability to convene its Members, draw upon scientific and technical expertise, bring together the government, NGO and private sector constituencies, and promote consensus in conservation policy and practice.

I understand the opportunities and constraints of IUCN’s organizational structure and capabilities, and believe that it should strengthen its Commissions, focus the Secretariat on supporting the conservation effectiveness of its Members, and continue to be the voice of conservation constituencies in global and national discussions.

I recognize the challenges of financially sustaining an organization of this complexity. I bring to the role of Councillor an active career devoted to biodiversity conservation, and oversee conservation programmes in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, and the Marine realm. I bring a sensitivity to the balances between nature protection, resource use, and human livelihoods and the quality of life.

I have experience around the world working with government agencies and NGOs, a history of involvement with IUCN (serving with the SSC, TRAFFIC, the Sustainable Use Advisory Group), considerable management and administrative experience (having directed the Wildlife Conservation Society’s conservation programmes for over 20 years), and significant board experience with philanthropic foundations, NGOs and professional and scientific societies.