Andrew Bignell, New Zealand

18 April 2012 | Article

My passion is to have a world in which people can live with dignity and in harmony with nature. I seek to achieve this through influencing the policy settings of Governments at national, regional and global levels. In doing this I also work with NGOs and civil society as they have a vital role to play.

My experience in protected area establishment and management, and land and marine management bring together the elements needed to achieve the IUCN Vision. I have worked at national, regional and global scales.

The challenge for IUCN is to retain relevance in a changing world. Over its 60 year history the Union has changed while retaining its core focus of seeking to conserve nature in a changing world. I will continue to guide that change within the mandate set by Congress.

I especially want the Union to be the world’s respected, independent authority on matters of nature conservation and people’s engagement with nature. I will seek to focus the collective effort of the Union on achieving the Programme agreed at Congress. I will seek to have the Union influence sectors of society which undertake activities contrary to its Vision and Mission.

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Note that Andrew Bignell will communicate in English.