Anna Elizabeth Tiraa, Cook Islands

18 April 2012 | Article

Achieving IUCN’s Mission is not a one person undertaking. Therefore, my approach will be a team one. As a Pacific Islander who has more than 20 years of working on biodiversity conservation on Small Islands Developing States, I bring a wealth of experience to the key areas of IUCN’s work that include biodiversity and Islands.

I have been involved with national governments and regional intergovernmental organisations on biodiversity conservation projects, and have worked in most of the Pacific Island countries. I have been closely involved with the work of the IUCN Oceania Regional Office, and have worked with a number of IUCN Members and partners from the region.

As an IUCN Councillor representing Oceania, particularly the Pacific Island region, I will strive to build stronger alliances between conservation partners and practitioners amongst the Pacific Islands membership, Commissions and with Oceania Members from Australia and New Zealand. I will do this through an open and transparent communication, building on the excellent work of my predecessor Robin Yarrow. I will work closely with the IUCN Oceania Regional Office to try and ensure that the work that they undertake is in line with, and driven by, the priorities of the Members.