Mohammad Shahbaz, Jordan

18 April 2012 | Article

The essence of volunteerism has interested me ever since my early youth. In the context of the IUCN, I find myself entirely satisfied serving under the umbrella of conserving nature. In conservation self satisfaction is the key reason that makes us tick, hence, moving forward with the Union to new challenges.

In Barcelona, as a nominee for Council, I had my ideal dream manifested in my speech delivered during the elections. Later, I found reality forces its way, hence, one compromises some ideals.

Working as a Councillor (2008-2012), the focus was on my priorities to promote the Union, and to secure future engagement with the private sector, in addition to the membership of Palestine in the IUCN, following UNESCO’s approval of Palestine as a full member. The Private Sector Engagement Strategy is now being presented to the membership for approval.

My agenda for the coming period is galvanized in the following:

  • Enhance the visibility of the Union globally,
  • Contribute towards expanding the Union’s financial position,
  • Support Commissions, particularly in the budgetary framework.

My aim is, an even better Union for nature.