Samira Omar Asem, Kuwait

18 April 2012 | Article

Dr. Samira Omar Asem has more than three decades experience in conservation of renewable natural resources at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). Her career focuses on food technology and wildlife conservation as well as restoration and remediation of environmentally damaged terrestrial ecosystems.

Currently, she is leading the Kuwait Environmental Remediation Program of the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), which has made a major contribution towards remediating and restoring war-damaged ecosystems.

She has been contributing to furthering IUCN’s Mission through collective and collaborative efforts with stakeholders, NGOs and Governmental institutions. As Chairperson of the IUCN National Committee of Kuwait, she has been involved in several activities at international and regional levels.

As a Regional Councillor Dr. Omar would like to further extend her collaboration to work closely with Members of the IUCN in the West Asia Region and to enhance their contribution to biodiversity conservation. She is committed to fulfill her duties as Regional Councillor and to promote IUCN activities within the region. Dr. Omar’s mission is to support and assist Members of IUCN to implement the IUCN Programme and to have a strong and active role in the region.