Malik Amin Aslam Khan, Pakistan

18 April 2012 | Article

I have had a very enriching and diverse interaction with IUCN throughout my career progression from a pure researcher to a policy practitioner and politician. This has allowed me to not only appreciate the strengths of this unique environmental movement, with its committed cadres and their selflessly devoted energy, but also critically observe its weaknesses in influencing global policy action on the environmental front.

This long interaction with IUCN ranges from working together on a host of environmental policy initiatives, partnering in the conservation of vanishing mangroves, promoting species preservation through trophy hunting in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and collaborating on the rescue of a threatened snow leopard cub “Leo” which is now the pride of the Bronx Zoo. All of this encapsulates a relationship harboring a deep understanding of IUCN and its complex working.

Looking into the future, I envision this truly unique organization transforming to fulfill its, yet unrealized, promise.

IUCN urgently needs to improve its sync with the real world by strengthening its grass roots advocacy role while effectively influencing policy makers and avoid stagnating as a body preaching to the already converted. It has the potential to lead the world searching for a “green economy” - but what it requires is a strategic realignment to energize and channel the invaluable resources at its command. I hope to be able to contribute towards that. /