Hans de Iongh, The Netherlands

18 April 2012 | Article

I intend to build on the achievements of the present Council for improving policy and governance within the Union, in which I have played a very active role as a Regional Councillor for West Europe. I intend to fulfil my Regional Councillorship in close communication with the Regional and National Committees and individual IUCN Members in my region and globally.

Informing my constituency and receiving suggestions from my constituency will be an important element of my approach. I will attend national and regional meetings and visit individual IUCN Members in the region to discuss issues relevant for the Council meetings I will attend.

If I am elected as a Regional Councillor for West Europe I intend to give a follow-up to policy reform by enhancing the policy overseer role of Council, I will support the implementation of the One Programme Commitment Charter, will again actively participate in the monitoring of resolutions implementation and I will actively participate in private sector engagement policy. In addition I intend to give active support to governance reform within the Union, as adopted by Congress.

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Note that Hans de Iongh will communicate in English.