Roger Crofts, United Kingdom

18 April 2012 | Article

Environment is too far down political and personal agendas. IUCN needs to fight the conservation cause better on major issues and interact more effectively with protagonists with totally different perspectives. IUCN should use its advocacy capability, knowledge networks and key tools to influence agendas at all levels.

The operation of the Union needs to be more effective. From my extensive experience of governance, I will press for the Members, Commissions, and National Committees to play an increasing role in what IUCN does with the Secretariat as their enabler and supporter. In Europe, there must be better communication with all Members and re-establishment in Brussels.

“Roger has a strong background in IUCN nationally, regionally and globally. He will bring a regional perspective and a global understanding of the challenges facing IUCN; and a sound knowledge of governance issues to help IUCN operate effectively. He is strongly committed to the environmental cause.” Adrian Phillips IUCN Council 1994-2000.

“His unwavering commitment and contributions to conservation and dedication to the IUCN mission is clearly enunciated in his candidacy statement and I witnessed it personally. Roger's important advantage as a candidate for Council is his in-depth experience with IUCN Commissions.” Nik Lopoukhine IUCN Council 2004-2012.

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Note that Roger Crofts will communicate in English.