Turkey National Committee of IUCN Members

01 August 2012 | Article

The IUCN National Committee of Turkey was established in 2005 and become a platform for Turkish IUCN Members to cooperate, coordinate and communicate since then.

All Turkish IUCN Members are also members of the National Commitee. There are now 6 members within the Commitee:

  • Turkish Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs (State Member)
  •  General Directorate of Conservation of Natural Sites (Affiliated Member)
  • WWF Turkey (NGO)
  • Association for Nature (NGO)
  • TEMA (NGO)
  • TTKD (NGO)

16 committee meetings were held within 7 years; a “strategy and action plan on establihing red lists of Turkey” was prepared in cooperation with IUCN Comittee members and the IUCN Meditetanean Office; a Code of Ethics for IUCN NC was prepared in 2012; and active participation to all relevant meetings of Mediterranean and European Offices was achieved.

In every two years, voting was held for the head and deputy head of the Committee. And Mr. Ahmet OZYANIK, the General Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks-Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs, was acting head; and Mr. Ali Riza KOC, the deputy head of TTKD (NGO),was acting deputy head for the Turkey National Committee of IUCN Members.