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Solar panel cookers

Solar energy: it’s free and is always there

More than half of the world's population currently relies on wood, charcoal or other biomass for daily cooking while the sun provides free fuel all the time. Have you noticed? …   | French | Spanish

07 Sep 2012 | Article
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Members' Voice

Members' Voices

As the world’s largest conservation event rolls out, members and participants from around the globe express their hopes and expectations for a sustainable future. …  

07 Sep 2012 | Video
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A large tree within the Mamiri Forest Reserve in Western Ghana within the region of the Upper Guinean Rainforest

Why green growth?

Pacific Island nations contribute less than 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Since this seems an insignificant amount why would leaders of these nations want to make their economies and lifestyle more sustainable? …   | French | Spanish

06 Sep 2012 | Article

Sharing local knowledge on a global stage

In a small country on an even smaller mountain, it can be challenging to stay abreast of new developments in global conservation. …   | French | Spanish

06 Sep 2012 | Article

Leyendas del agua- Guatemala

Renewable energy led by communities

In Guatemala where the construction of hydroelectric dams is a big issue, Fundacion Solar, an IUCN Member, is sharing its ideas and experience of developing small-scale renewable energy sources involving local communities. …  

06 Sep 2012 | Article

Mangrove - focus december 2011

A natural safety net

As climate change increases the incidence of natural disasters like flooding and landslides, governments are looking for ways to protect their people and they’re finding that nature can help. …   | French | Spanish

06 Sep 2012 | Article


Finding a food-free fuel solution

“Food should be used for people and not for energy,” says Doris Cellarius, Chair of the Biofuels Task Force at Sierra Club, an IUCN Member. …  

06 Sep 2012 | Article

Prince Charles video 2012

Prince Charles sends a message to IUCN's World Conservation Congress

HRH the Prince of Wales addresses the IUCN World Conservation Congress on the urgent need to bring agriculture and conservation back together. …  

27 Aug 2012 | Video

Cousteau video WCC 2012

IUCN Goodwill Ambassador Pierre Yves Cousteau addresses the World Conservation Congress

IUCN Goodwill Ambassador and founder of Cousteau Divers, Pierre-Yves Cousteau talks about the need for new, bold, daring solutions to the earth's environmental problems. He looks at the diversity of marine life his father encountered 20 years ago while diving in Southeast Asia, a region he visited recently. …  

27 Aug 2012 | Video