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IUCN’s programmes, members, commissions and partners released a series of major announcements for international media at the World Conservation Congress in Jeju between 6 and 15 September.

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Jeju, Republic of Korea

Nature’s Olympics - IUCN World Conservation Congress: Jeju, Republic of Korea, 6-15 September, 2012

A number of concerned groups and individuals have recently called on IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) to postpone or cancel its Congress and to express disapproval on several environmental issues in Korea, including construction of a naval base on Jeju Island, scientific whaling and the Four Rivers restoration project. IUCN is committed to ensuring that Congress provides a platform for open and constructive dialogue on these issues and is working with the Korean Organizing Committee to engage with all groups and address their concerns at the meeting in Jeju. …   | French | Spanish

02 Aug 2012 | Media advisory

protected area, papua new guinea

Wild biodiversity provides hope for a protected planet

The wild biodiversity of the world’s parks, reserves and protected areas can be a vital component for conservation, according to the latest volume in a series on landscapes and seascapes that are influenced by humans. The book, published by IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature) World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), is titled Protected Landscapes and Wild Biodiversity. It provides a diverse set of worldwide case studies in protected areas with rich cultural, spiritual and natural heritage. Examples include Makuira National Park in Colombia, where the traditional knowledge and management system of the local indigenous Wayuu people has led to a well-protected area that benefits local communities; and the indigenous Angami people of Khonoma Village in Northeastern India, where an active youth organization plays an important role in management of local hunting. …  

19 Jul 2012 | Media advisory

Summit of Mt. Halla

IUCN Statement on Korean environmental issues

Korean environmental issues and the World Conservation Congress …   | French | Spanish

13 Jul 2012 | IUCN statement

IUCN - Thomson Reuters Media Award

IUCN announces winner of 2012 IUCN Thomson Reuters Environmental Media Award

For more than ten years, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) has partnered with Thomson Reuters Foundation to honour environmental journalism with the IUCN – Thomson Reuters Environmental Media Award. IUCN is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 Award is Diogo Veríssimo, a conservation biologist from Portugal with a passion for science communication. …  

01 Jul 2012 | Media advisory


Rio+20: invest in nature, says IUCN

Policy-makers must rethink economic growth, promote social equity and ensure environmental protection, says IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). Among the key issues are the green economy and an institutional framework in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.  | French | Spanish | Portuguese

20 Jun 2012 | Media statement

International Convention Centre, Jeju

Next World Conservation Congress will be in the Republic of Korea

The 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress will be held in Jeju, in the Republic of Korea, the IUCN Council decided in its 73rd regular meeting.   …  

26 Nov 2009 | International news release