Nature is naturally strong. Even the most delicate looking plant, animal or ecosystem is relatively tough, their survival instincts honed over generations of evolution. But many years of human civilization have undermined our environment and the fundamental natural infrastructure that supports our lives, communities and economies.

Nature+ is about boosting the resilience of nature – improving how quickly nature and people adapt to change. Better use of the inherent robustness of nature leads to healthier natural systems, better results from ecosystem and biodiversity restoration, and healthier people, communities and economies.

The Congress explored many of our most pressing environmental and development challenges from this perspective and how strong and resilient nature is intricately linked to solving these issues.

For more info on the themes, please read the Congress theme framework.

The stunning logo represents nature and its beauty in a positive and enlightening way. The colourful symbol, evoking at the same time a flower and a bird, also incorporates traditional indigenous Korean patterns.