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Pour qui voterez-vous ?

Découvrez les 49 candidats au Conseil de l’UICN 2013-2016 sur les pages Internet du Congrès. …   | English | Spanish

08 May 2012 | News story

Compost project Sharkia, Egypt

Greening the Congress footprint

IUCN is seeking to fund a certified project that can help compensate for the carbon emissions produced by the 2012 World Conservation Congress. Members and partners of IUCN are invited to submit their proposals by 22 May. …  

04 May 2012 | News story

Kenton R. Miller Award

Support conservation innovation with a Kenton Miller Award nomination now

The deadline for nominations is 8 June 2012. …  

25 Apr 2012 | News story
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New Zealand fur seal (arctocephalus forsteri)

Call for social animals

Now is the time to put your creative hat on and tease the interest of your peers – because we are calling for participants and partners to organize social and cultural events. …  

02 Apr 2012 | News story

Brendan Dunford

Local to Global – the west of Ireland brought to Congress 2012

Located at the western edge of Europe, Ireland is known as the Emerald Island thanks to its lush, green landscapes. Its wild countryside is only sparsely dotted with signs of habitation, though it is evident that a denser population worked the land in years gone by. …  

01 Apr 2012 | Article
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Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia

Time to re-boot: Towards a new environmentalism

In the build-up to the IUCN Congress, a landmark event for conservation, Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia argues that the environmental community needs to re-think its approach. …  

01 Apr 2012 | Article
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Getting ready for work

Mermaids face extinction

By Célia Zwahlen.  People recognize them by the long whistling sound they make when they surface from the sea to breathe. They are exclusively female. On firm ground, they become like the rest of us, blending in while they work the land. But every 15 days the sea calls them back. …  

01 Apr 2012 | Article

HRH Felipe, Prince of Asturias and HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, during the IUCN World Conservation Congress opening ceremony

IUCN's Congress: the common denominator

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is a unique platform gathering people from all ranks of society under the same roof. Encompassing a wide range of viewpoints, the Forum is the perfect environment to share knowledge and reach a rounded vision on conservation. …  

01 Apr 2012 | Article

Forum web-spaces for the 2012 IUCN Congress

Le Forum en quelques clics

Profitez au maximum de votre expérience du Forum du Congrès et engagez-vous dans les espaces-web ! Ceux-ci ont été spécialement conçus pour faciliter l’accès à toutes les informations importantes concernant l'événement. …   | English | Spanish

01 Apr 2012 | News story

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