As members of Council, Regional Councillors serve first and foremost the global interests and well-being of IUCN, fulfilling the functions of the IUCN Council as outlined in the IUCN Statutes, Article 46 and providing guidance on the overall development and implementation of the Union’s world-wide policies and programmes in the period between sessions of the World Conservation Congress. Within the above parameters, Regional Councillors provide input to the Council on the interests, priorities and needs of the IUCN Members in the Regions; they act as IUCN’s ambassadors, working with the President and Director General to advance the interests and Mission of the Union and to promote its services within the Region; Regional Councillors serve as key contact points in the Region, working actively with IUCN Regional and National Committees, IUCN Regional Offices and Members.
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Candidates for Regional Councillors are grouped by region and listed in alphabetical order according to their surnames, starting at the letter “U”, chosen at random, in accordance with paragraph 40 of the Regulations.