Antonio Claparols, Philippines

18 April 2012 | Article

My name is Antonio Claparols from the Ecological Society of the Philippines. I was born on September 14, 1952 in Manila, Philippines. I received an MBA from Arthur D. Little MEI, Cambridge, MA in 1982. Apart from being a father and a businessman, I am a scuba diver, an underwater photographer and a farmer.

Other things include:

  • President & CEO, JRS Business Corporation (1975 – present)
  • President of the Ecological Society of the Philippines, an active IUCN Member since 1979
  • Elected IUCN Councillor in Montreal (1996), re-elected in Amman (2000)
  • Member, IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP)
  • Member of the Philippine Delegation to World Parks Congress in Durban, 2003
  • Lobbied to have Philippine coral banned for export to the USA as amended into the Lacey and Black Bass Acts
  • Presidential Appointee to the Golf Course Construction Development Committee
  • Established sustainable forest, mangrove planting/protection and organic aqua-culture projects in the island of Negros

I have also published two books, “For Our Children” and “Treaties Amongst Peoples” (1994) and was a Contributor for IMPACT MAGAZINE “Ecological Minute” column (1979 – 2000).

If elected to Council, I will use my experience of over 35 years to help combat climate change and make the planet a safer one for future generations.

For our children and theirs, I ask for your support.