Shinichi Kitajima, Japan

18 April 2012 | Article

Mr. Shinichi Kitajima has over forty years of diplomatic career, and has extensive knowledge on global economic and social issues including sustainable development, which are the areas of crucial importance for the fulfillment of the mission of the IUCN Council.

As a former Ambassador of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva (2008-2011), Kitajima served as the representative of the Government of Japan to various international organizations (WTO, ILO, ICRC, etc.) including IUCN, and is familiar with the workings and best practices of these organizations. He served as Ambassador of Japan to the OECD (2005-2008), where he led discussions on global economic and social issues, focusing on the importance of sustainable development. With these experiences, Mr. Kitajima will make a substantive contribution in guiding IUCN in its mission and purpose.

Having served as Deputy Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (2002-2005), he has broad experience and expertise in administrative and budgetary issues of large-scale organizations. Kitajima will lead the Council for the fulfillment of its responsibility toward effective management of IUCN.

Once elected, with his close and wide-range network of the member organizations, Kitajima will do his best to convey their interests and priorities to IUCN.