Dongwon Shin, Republic of Korea

18 April 2012 | Article

Dr. Shin is a seasoned professional and scientist with extensive experience in environmental policy and management at national, regional and global scales. With a background and PhD in Sustainability Policy, with key roles in UNEP and as an expert in international cooperation, Dr. Shin is in an exceptional position to help further the values of IUCN.

IUCN has developed through time to address the challenges of protecting nature. Confronted by the more complex and unsustainable human activities of the 21st century, we are required to formulate much broader approaches clearly connected to society and culture. Where, the Asian region faces an imperative and a challenge as well to exercise responsibility for a new era of sustainability and conservation.

Dr. Shin's profile includes:

  • Developing environment policies spanning various fields in Korea (MOE) for years;
  • Initiating and supporting international projects and cooperation programmes: UNEP/ETB (Geneva), UNEP/DTIE (Paris), a visiting professor (McGill University, Canada), and MOE/DIC (Korea) for 10 years;
  • Helping IUCN: Steering Committee member of IUCN WCPA Asia, Steering Committee member for the hosting of the 2012 WCC, initiating many IUCN cooperation projects such as CEOs of National Parks Forum.

Based on his wide knowledge and experiences, Dr. Shin can be expected to contribute:

  • To support further implementation of IUCN policies and strategies in the region;
  • To support Asia’s inputs to create the new World Conservation Culture;
  • To initiate/implement conservation programmes and partnerships for IUCN through a strong commitment from Korean government agencies.