Motions process

The motions process is a central element of IUCN’s governance system and an important means by which Members can influence future directions in the conservation community and seek international support in various conservation issues. The Secretariat is committed to make every effort to facilitate the exercise of IUCN Members’ right to guide the Union’s policy through the motions process.

2012 Resolutions and Recommendations

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Jeju Resolutions and Recommendations are now available.   

Voting results of the 2012 Members' Assembly, IUCN World Conservation Congress

Voting results per Resolution/Recommendation are shown with the numbering of the original motion which might be different from the publication number. A conversion table can be found here.

For some Resolutions more than one voting result is displayed which is because of the votes on amendments for that Resolution/Recommendation. The different votes for each motion are explained in the Proceedings.

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