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Saro Karez, Pakistan

Of pearls in the sand – reviving a centuries-old water management system in Pakistan

Pakistan's Balochistan Province presents a unique situation in terms of both the environment and its socio-political context. Many traditional land use practices exist, including nomadic herding but the region faces a range of challenges including extreme aridity and droughts that are expected to increase with climate change. …  

10 May 2014 | Article


世界自然保护联盟(IUCN)换届选举 中国候选人章新胜胜选,成为六十四年来第一位出自东亚地区的主席

有着环境界奥林匹克美誉的世界自然保护联盟(International Union of Nature Conservation, 英文简称IUCN)四年一届的世界自然保护大会(World Conservation Congress)于9月6日-9月15日在韩国济州岛举行,大会期间选举新一届主席。 …  

24 Sep 2012 | Article

Mr. Zhang Xinsheng

The next four years according to Zhang Xinsheng

IUCN Members elected their new President this week at IUCN’s World Conservation Congress in Jeju Island, Korea. Mr Zhang Xinsheng of China will lead the world’s largest environmental organization for the next four years. He succeeds Ashok Khosla, who successfully represented IUCN since the last Congress held in Barcelona. The newly-elect President of IUCN speaks about his hopes and plans for the future. …  

15 Sep 2012 | Video
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Lionfish swimming around the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Best knowledge on mining impacts needed

Two motions related to mining, proposed by Oceania Members of IUCN, were approved this morning by the Members' Assembly. …  

15 Sep 2012 | Audio
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Agriculture in Panama

Business reliance on ecosystems

As businesses linked to agriculture depend heavily on ecosystems for their source materials, it is increasingly recognized that ecosystem stewardship is an important part of securing their supply chains. …  

15 Sep 2012 | Article
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At a tea plantation bordering Kaziranga National Park, women workers tote freshly picked leaves to be processed.

Tea and biodiversity: a new approach to estate management

Tea estates can play a major role in the conservation of biodiversity. In many countries around 20% of the land within tea estates is covered by natural or planted trees. This ecosystem provides important services such as carbon capture, crop pollination, pest control, and biodiversity, soil and water conservation. The Dilmah Bioregional Initiative (DBI) will help adopt a new integrated management approach for Dilmah tea estates. …   | French | Spanish

15 Sep 2012 | Article
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Harvesting rice in Madagascar

Integrating agriculture and conservation

The need for the conservation community to engage more directly with agriculture to help boost global food security is firmly on the minds of participants at the IUCN Congress. …  

15 Sep 2012 | Article
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Oil and gas platform, Gulf of Mexico

Call to strictly regulate Mediterranean offshore oil exploitation

IUCN's Members Assembly has adopted a recommendation aimed at strictly regulating the development of offshore oil exploitation policies and projects in the Mediterranean. …   | French | Spanish

14 Sep 2012 | Article
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The meaningful consultation and participation of indigenous peoples and local communities, such as these Baka women in Cameroon, is an important aspect of the pro-poor approach for REDD

Charting IUCN’s course for the next four years

Today, at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, the Members Assembly approved the new IUCN Programme for the next four years, effectively defining where the Union's efforts will be directed in the coming years. …   | Spanish

14 Sep 2012 | Article

Drilling for natural gas in the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands

Responsible energy

The intersection of energy production and nature conservation has been a prominent subject at the 2012 IUCN Congress. Evidence of that was seen in the motions process, where recommendations on climate change, the impact of energy generation on the environment, and responsible renewable energy sources were all presented for adoption. …  

14 Sep 2012 | Article
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