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Treasures of Jeju

Discovering the treasures of Jeju

Jeju boasts an array of breathtaking natural and cultural sites that have firmly placed the island on the map of world must-sees. On the eighth day of the 2012 IUCN Congress the participants had the opportunity to visit the most cherished ecological attractions of Jeju Island, including Udo Island, Jeju’s Sea and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the Jeju Olle Trail. …  

15 Sep 2012 | Video
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Gangjeong in focus

The residents of the Gangjeong village have been coming to the congress to get their voices heard. As the congress comes to a close today, it has provided a platform for several events, debates and dialogue to create better understanding on the issue of the construction of the naval base. …  

15 Sep 2012 | Video
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Emotions in motion

The Member’s Assembly, the highest decision-making body of IUCN, is a unique global environmental parliament of governments and NGOs. It adopts resolutions and recommendations on important conservation issues, as well as IUCN’s programme of work for the next four years; elects new IUCN President and Council. Members can also put forward motions (draft decisions) on issues ranging from strengthening the motions process, increasing youth engagement, saving the world’s most threatened species, and IUCN’s name. …  

14 Sep 2012 | Video
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Elaine Hsiao, IUCN Commission Member

Youth Voices at the Nature Olympics

Young conservation leaders meeting at the IUCN conservation congress are calling for increased involvement on conservation efforts. …  

12 Sep 2012 | Video
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Korean President Mr. Lee

Jeju 2012 nature Olympics kick off

2012 is the year of the Olympic Games and this includes nature's Olympics as well. IUCN, the world’s leading environmental organization, opened its 2012 Congress in Jeju, Korea for a ten-day run of events, ground-breaking agreements, new initiatives that will improve the way we manage and protect nature. …  

07 Sep 2012 | Video
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Members' Voice

Members' Voices

As the world’s largest conservation event rolls out, members and participants from around the globe express their hopes and expectations for a sustainable future. …  

07 Sep 2012 | Video
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