Jonathan Hughes, United Kingdom

18 April 2012 | Article

Big ideas don’t always result in big changes. My focus as an IUCN Regional Councillor will be to ensure that the best ideas from IUCN Members are not just shared, but put into practice on the ground.

My career in conservation has always been about pioneering ideas and the application of these so they result in real change for nature. It is my ability to turn theory into reality which, I believe, will be a real asset to IUCN in Europe, and the IUCN Council.

The immediate challenge in the coming four years is to make the restoration of nature a central tenet of global economic and social decision making, using a ‘three pillar’ approach:

  • Pillar 1: targeted species action
  • Pillar 2: network of protected areas
  • Pillar 3: restoration of ecosystem health

The third pillar is still relatively new territory for many of us, but one which must be tackled if we are to reverse continuing biodiversity losses in both terrestrial and marine environments. If elected I will therefore seek to forge creative partnerships between the IUCN and ‘non-usual’ economic and social interests, stressing the multiple wins to be gained from truly sustainable land and resource management.

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Note that Jonathan Hughes will communicate in English.