George Greene, Canada

18 April 2012 | Article

I have 40 years experience as a professional and volunteer in environment and nature conservation. Posts include ADG IUCN; Director Environment Canadian International Development Agency; Chair Stratos strategies to sustainability. I have been a GEF Councillor and led negotiations on the Convention to Combat Desertification.

I worked in Canada, Indonesia, Switzerland, elsewhere in Asia, Africa and Latin America. I speak English, French, understand Spanish.

I bring leadership and global experience to the IUCN Council. I have worked with IUCN since 1984 - as Commission member, deputy head of the Secretariat, President of the Canadian Committee for IUCN, and currently Chair of the Council Governance Committee.

As an active member of Council I will work to:

  • Ensure the One Programme Charter is implemented with resources and accountabilities assigned to use and leverage Member, Commission, National Committee capacities in delivering IUCN’s Programme.
  • Enable IUCN to maximize its impact on biodiversity by strengthening leadership across its structure and engaging key segments of society.
  • Position IUCN as global leader in finding sustainable solutions to our planet’s critical issues, conserving nature and fostering equitable governance of nature’s use.
  • Ensure IUCN has a diverse and sustainable funding base that enables the work of all parts of the Union and has a cost-effective Secretariat.

I look forward to meet with Members during the Congress and to gain your support for re-election.