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France National Committee of IUCN Members

Since the last World Conservation Congress in 2008, the IUCN French Committee has developed its activities in 7 main thematic areas and implemented successful actions: biodiversity policies, species, protected areas, ecosystem management, education and communication, Ooerseas territories and international cooperation …  

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Gathering leaders for nature

Netherlands National Committee of IUCN Members

IUCN NL after Barcelona: Bridging economy and ecology: In the years following the last World Conservation Congress in 2008 the IUCN National Committee of The Netherlands has pioneered to integrate ecosystems and biodiversity into the economy. We successfully build a bridge between the largest confederation of Dutch industries, between large Dutch companies such as AkzoNobel, DSM, ING and Philips and the Dutch government and national NGOs. …  

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Narciso en la nieve. Biodiversidad flora.

Comité Nacional de Miembros de España de la UICN

Durante el periodo intercongresual 2008-2012, el Comité Español de la UICN ha sufrido una gran transformación comenzando con la profesionalización de su actividad para poder así ofrecer un mejor servicio de coordinación y facilitación a sus miembros. …  

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Switzerland National Committee of IUCN Members

Switzerland, besides being IUCN’s global home, is host to an impressing and diverse list of IUCN Members, including global players such as the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), internationally working organisations such as helvetas/Swiss intercoorperation and the Fondation Internationale Banc d’Arguin (FIBA), the Swiss and Liechtenstein governments and the 3 main national NGOs Pro Natura/Friends of the Earth Switzerland, SVS/BirdLife Switzerland and WWF, the Swiss Zoo organisation (Zooschweiz), the Swiss Academy of Sciences (scnat) as well as a number of others. …  

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Turkey National Committee of IUCN Members

The IUCN National Committee of Turkey was established in 2005 and become a platform for Turkish IUCN Members to cooperate, coordinate and communicate since then. …  

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Cover image from the report of the United Kingdom National Committee of IUCN Members

United Kingdom National Committee of IUCN Members

This report summarises some of the main activities and achievements of the IUCN National Committee for the United Kingdom and some of its members over the last 12 months. We also take the opportunity to highlight some of our planned activities for the year ahead. I hope you find this informative and you will be encouraged to find out more about our work and get more actively involved. …  

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