A picture is worth a thousand words… Concise and to the point, posters offer a visual rendering on conservation work.

At a glance

  • Exhibition of posters on conservation topics
  • Display innovations and solutions, present community and local level initiatives, policy and governance reforms, traditional and indigenous knowledge, new and more sustainable business models, etc.
  • Showcase conservation work and achievements in an easy and direct way


The natural world offers a realm of poetic imageries that moves and inspires us to think and act. Nature conservation too is a type of work that produces visible results. Posters provide a simple, clear way to present achievements and innovations in the field of conservation.

On display during the entire roll-out of the Forum, posters offered a respite from the hustle and bustle of conferencing and a place to get informed at one’s own pace, while strolling around the poster displays in between sessions to see how people manage to convey their ideas on 2D.

Follow up

 Discover the vast array of topics that was explored during the Forum through the posters on the Conservation trends platform.

Draft schedule chart for posters 2012
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