World Commission on Protected Areas

Ernesto Enkerlin Hoeflich

Ernesto Enkerlin Hoeflich, Mexico

Dear Fellow Member of IUCN,
Your vote and our joint work building on WCPA-IUCN tradition could make 2012-2016 the most dynamic and fruitful period ever. No prescriptions; rather let’s plan our role and best paths to global protected areas and biodiversity conservation immediately following the elections. …   | French | Spanish

16 Apr 2012 | Article
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Kathy MacKinnon

Kathy MacKinnon, United Kingdom

Protected areas are the cornerstones of biodiversity conservation; as such they are central to IUCN’s mission of promoting ecological sustainability. Having spent more than 30 years working on conservation issues in developing countries, I believe that there is good understanding of protected area management needs and challenges. …   | French | Spanish

16 Apr 2012 | Article
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Jeffrey McNeely

Jeffrey McNeely, USA

After spending 30 years at IUCN before retiring as Chief Scientist in 2009, I have continued to work on protected areas issues with the Global Environment Facility, the Governments of Japan and Tanzania, the Asian Development Bank, and many others. …   | French | Spanish

16 Apr 2012 | Article
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