Meso and South America

Jenny Gruenberger

Jenny Gruenberger Pérez, Bolivia

A sociologist by profession, with a Master’s degree in international economic relations and a postgraduate degree in environmental projects, Jenny Gruenberger Pérez has devoted the last 20 years of her life to environmental and sustainable development issues, committed to helping to build a world in which human societies value and respect the diversity of life and understand how they form part of Nature and should not try to dominate it. …   | French | Spanish

24 Apr 2012 | Article

Miguel Pellerano

Miguel Pellerano, Argentina

Almost four years ago now, in Barcelona, I introduced myself to the Members and asked them to elect me as a Regional Councillor for IUCN. They did so, and I am very grateful for their support. During the time that has elapsed since the last World Conservation Congress, I have had the honour of having the chance to work on many of the challenging issues and key areas of concern to IUCN; ranging from programmes to governance, from Members’ rights and conditions to a vision of the future of our institution. …   | French | Spanish

24 Apr 2012 | Article

Ramón Pérez Gil Salcido

Ramón Pérez Gil Salcido, Mexico

A biologist with extensive experience in the field of conservation, Ramón is very familiar with IUCN and its operations as well as the regional context. Closely linked to IUCN, thanks to his participation in the SSC and WCPA Commissions (through their governing bodies) and by his organization’s membership of the Union, he is recognized for his tenacity and determination to drive forward issues and promote IUCN’s presence in his region where he has been active now for over 30 years. …   | French | Spanish

16 Apr 2012 | Article