Receive financial support to attend Congress

Congress provides Members with the opportunity to exercise their voting rights during the Members’ Assembly and to network, showcase their work, learn about the latest conservation issues and establish alliances with other IUCN Members and partners during the Forum.

The Members’ Assembly is the ultimate decision-making body in the Union. This is where Members decide the affairs of the Union by:

  • Electing the President, the Treasurer, the Regional Councillors, and the Chairs of the Commissions;
  • Approving the Programme – including the mandates of the Commissions – and the Budget;
  • Adopting Resolutions and Recommendations; and
  • Deciding on matters concerning the IUCN governance.

Addressing the world’s most pressing sustainable development challenges, the Forum offers a unique platform of debates, workshops, dialogues, roundtable discussions, training courses, music and exhibitions.

IUCN recognizes the critical importance of facilitating the attendance of delegates from Member organizations/institutions in countries with low and middle income economies who would not otherwise be able to attend the Congress and exercise their voting rights.

To increase attendance from representatives of these organizations/institutions, the IUCN Secretariat is committed to soliciting funds in support of the Sponsored Delegates Programme.

Depending on funding availability, the IUCN Secretariat will sponsor a maximum of one delegate per Member organization/institution based on the following criteria:

  • delegates from active Member organizations/institutions that have paid their dues up to and including 2011 by 31 October 2011; and
  • are located in countries with low and middle income economies according to the World Bank list of economies.

In addition, the Secretariat will promote a balance of gender and geographic representation of the sponsored delegates.

Sponsored participants will be expected to:

  • attend the Members’ Assembly;
  • vote in person during the Members’ Assembly;
  • provide any information that may be requested by the Secretariat;

Some sponsored IUCN Member organizations/institutions will be requested to cover part of the costs of their delegate’s participation in the World Conservation Congress.

IUCN is not in a position to provide financial support to participants from non-Member organizations/institutions.

For further information, please contact the IUCN Membership Focal Point in your region.