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Approved by the IUCN Council, the Draft Congress Agenda with details on the Congress schedule and content is available as Congress document WCC-2012-1.3 Rev1. A version of the Agenda posted in the text box on the right hand side contains the estimated time when agenda items will be discussed in the Members’ Assembly, as well as the document references.

The first batch of Congress documents requiring decisions at, or presented for information of, the Members’ Assembly issued on 5 April 2012 are listed below. Additional documents are now also available since 8 July 2012. A small number of documents have been issued after 8 July 2012.

Latest versions of Motions and other Congress documents
To find the list of all Motions and other official Congress documents including revised versions submitted for discussion in the Members’ Assembly, organized by date/time when they become available during Congress, Click here

Below, all documents are listed individually. For ease of reference and printing purposes, compilations of ALL Congress documents issued on 5 April and issued on 8 July 2012 have been posted here separately. Also the motions published on 8 July 2012 have been compiled into one document and listed as Congress document 9.6.

To facilitate the referencing to relevant documents and parts of documents during Congress, individual documents follow the same pagination as the compilation of all Congress documents. Any additional documents which may be published later will continue the same pagination. In other words, with the exception of the motions which will only be referenced by motion number, the entire documentation that will be available for Congress will follow a single sequence of page numbers.

The ‘document date’ refers to the date on which the document has been issued or ‘updated’. ‘Updated’ means with correction of the format or typographical errors, without changing the content.

The reports of recognized Regional Committees referred to in Agenda Item 8.5 of the Congress Agenda have been published in the section ‘Reports from National and Regional Committees’ of the Congress website.

Documents issued on 8 July 2012

Document title


Agenda and documents issued on 5 April

Document title
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Online discussion area for statutory amendments proposed by Council
Explanations of Vote

Members who wish to make a statement to explain their vote on one or more motions or other decisions taken by Congress in accordance with Rule 72, may send the written text of their statement(s) to the Secretariat at before or after making the statement which they need to do at the time of voting on the motion/decision concerned during the Members’ Assembly.

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Delegates are encouraged to help reduce the footprint of the Congress and download all Congress documents electronically. During Congress, the revised versions of motions and other documents will systematically be posted on the Congress website in the three official languages as soon as they become available. Adequate wireless access will be available in the International Congress Centre, Jeju. For delegates who do not bring their own laptop, the Korean Organizing Committee will put tablets at the disposal for exclusive use during the meetings in the Members’ Assembly hall.