Arzu Rana Deuba, Nepal

18 April 2012 | Article

Greetings from Nepal!
For the past two decades, advocacy for conservation and sustainable development has been my passion and cause in life. As a social scientist and Regional Councillor I have served to further this cause.

I hope to be re-elected by you to be able to advance the objective of IUCN’s new business model to meet the challenges posed by the gap between resources and the ambitions of the Union in influencing global policy for conserving nature.

I have been an active and engaged Councillor and though no “spring-chicken” I represented a younger generation, women’s leadership and the people of developing nations’ at this important forum. I have tried my best to represent the interests and ideas of my voters to the best of my ability and did often serve as the “reality check” at the IUCN Council.

I request all of you to vote for me not only because what I learnt as a first time Regional Councillor is invaluable in terms of resources spent, experience garnered and training received, but also because I firmly believe that I can do nothing more valuable in my life than contribute to IUCN’s cause in the next four years. Thank you!